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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 19, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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this is a fox news alert. we could be hours away from israel launching a ground invasion into gaza. this as israelis continue living in fear. today a lone hamas fighter launched 95 rockets into israel. the country's rocket defense system hit 29 of them. one hit an unoccupied school at the time. as of tonight, hamas has launched more than a thousand rockets over the border. to illustrate just how real the fear is in israel, the president posted on his facebook page a home video of a family taking cover in a park in tel aviv as they were celebrating a child's birthday. but the israelis continue to aggressively respond. now, today marks the sixth day of air strikes into gaza and israelis continue to target
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homes of hamas activists. earlier the israelis launched a missile strike on a media center in gaza city where reportedly one of their top militants was killed. joining me from southern israel is fox's own daiched le david lr with the latest. david? >> reporter: it's four in the morning, and as best we know at this hour, the israeli cabinet is still meeting, members of the cabinet meeting to review a proposed cease-fire agreement being noashtd in cairo. meameanwhile, as you mentioned,t far from where i'm standing, troops and attention are ready for a possible ground incursion. we heard from the exiled leader of hamas. he held a news conference in cairo this afternoon. he said he's not calling for any type of escalation but he said, and i quote him, we will not accept any israeli demands. they were the ones who attacked. the cease-fire will occur when our demands are met. what are those demands? they're reportedly calling for
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an end to the blockade of gaza and no mortar getted assassinations by israel. israel, meanwhile, wants a buffer zone set up along the border with gaza and they want the rocket fire to cease before the current escalation began earlier this year, there were hundreds and hundreds of rockets fired by militants from gaza into israel. just hours ago, shaun, air read sirens went off in israel. militants fired at least three voyles of rockets. overhead we can see the iron dome missile defense system doing its job. there were no injuries. the israeli military is keeping up pressure on the militants in gaza. just a few hours ago, there were a number of air strikes among the targets, according to our producer on the ground, a bank with ties to hamas. we're also getting information that a building linked to hamas security services was also hit. in the last few hours we were told that there were five injuries on the ground in gaza. lastly, shawn, worth noting
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today, there were no rockets targeting tel aviv. the reason for this not clear. thertheir arsenal of these longr range rockets might be depleted or they might be saving them up for a future escalation. back to you. >> all right, david. thanks. be safe there. joining me now is the author of the brand new book, and by the way, i couldn't put this down. heroes prove, host of war stories. lieutenant colonel oliver north. we'll get to that in a second. >> it's all there. >> let me start with -- first of all, they're in egypt, in cairo trying to negotiate a settlement here, but we have in cairo, we know what the prime minister did when he went to hamas. >> the only way to stop what's happening right now to the people of israel which is dozens of rockets being fired against civilians is to go to the place where they all originate, and that's iran. the pressure ought not to be put on the people of israel or the government of israel. what we're seeing is publicly
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obama goes out and says they have the inherent right of self defense, but privately what's happening is israel israelis arg warned not to go on the ground. as you reported, they're on the edge of it. they're going to have to if they're going to stop this ultimately the pressure against israel doesn't come diplomatly. it comes by threatening to cut off the parts change for those f-f-15s and f-16s they need tour dinorder to keep their plen the air. >> nixon helped save israel when he was president by supplying israel with. >> absolutely. >> the parts they needed and the supplies they needed. >> ronald ra reagan did the same thing. inside the government of the united states. particularly at the pentagon, you can bring pressure to bear against the israeli defense forces by simply saying you know, those spare parts that you need, the maintenance chance that's got to be done on those aircraft, boy, that stuff is going to get there a little bit slower. it's happened before. eisenhower did it in '54.
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>> this is an area of the world you know very, very well. radical islamists you understand very well. we had the turkish prime minister saying israel is a terrorist straight. these are ec echoed by president morsi and by the prime minister who went to hang out with hamas, so the question is now israel is surrounded. they've got hezbollah on the north, they've got hamas, syria and egypt, and we've got a proxy war by iran. >> and great instability occurring in jordan. look. all of this goes back to things like benghazi because in the aftermath of this administration claiming all kinds of different things about the death of bin laden and now terrorism was done, the reality is the propaganda arms of radical islam to include al-qaeda are out there saying the americans have been driven out of iraq. we're burned their missions, their diplomats are dead and we can do it again. the recruitment drive among the martyrs, the martyr messages going out through these mosques
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and propaganda organizations have increased ten fold since benghazi. >> here's the question i have. for those that don't understand what's happening, i say we're living through a period, history will describe it as the rise of the radical islamists. am i right? >> that's why i wrote the book. >> shameless self promotion, but that's what's in this book. it's all there. >> you take us into the future. >> yes. >> this is a future where the nra doesn't exist, a liberal president, and the war beginnings to unfold. >> it begins with a deadly attack that kills americans. it begins with a goflt that lies to its people about what actually took place. israel under the gun and being attacked. we're being told repeatedly that radical islam is no longer a threat, and yet it's all in that book. it's all happening today. >> you in your life, you were directed -- you were given orders by the cia director casey at the time. you were given seven suicide pills, correct? >> yeah. >> all right. >> to go to tehran. >> to negotiate for the hodges.
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>> it had to do with tehran. it didn't have to do with day to day life in washington. >> i understand. as you see we're now two decades beyond. explain. is it worse now than it's ever been and how bad could it possibly get? >> i think it is worse. i think it's worst in large part because if we don't recognize who your enemy is, and this was written 2000 years ago, you will lose. we have not recognized the enemy to be radical islam. we've created all kinds of names for it like al-qaeda and hamas and islam i can jihad, but in fact, it is radical islam. it's not war against all muslims. it's radical islam. what we've failed to do is to define the enemy so you know how to combat it. >> how widespread do you think this is because i think it's far more widespread than people are willing to acknowledge. >> i will tell you what they're advertising for right now who are martyrs that will blow themself not in the middle east but in other countries. for example, i mean, it's easy
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to get in and out of venezuela where we do have a diplomatic mission. it's easy to get if you're a member of hamas and hezbollah because we've tracked people down there. if that kind of thing starts happening on a global scale of going after our diplomats, our military bases, and our commercial interests, we're up the creek, buddy. >> everybody had it wrong about egypt and the arab spring. i said the muslim brother hood would come in power. you said it. very few people saw what was coming. what do you see coming next? >> i see the growth of an islamic threat, the potency of which hyped it is iran. >> how does israel survive? >> well, lookit. to a certain extent, everybody is right. if enough pressure is brought to bear against iran, there would be an uprising. >> but there's not. >> i understand. you asked me what if, so i'm saying if there was enough pressure brought to bear against iran, you would not have the outcome forecast in the book. you would not have the outcome that's played out as we see it today in the middle east.
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iran is the problem. bringing pressure on israel to stop defending itsel itself is e wrong approach. what they ought to be doing is taking the fight to iran because ultimately the turks and the egyptians and the saudis are all threatened by iran. >> why do i look at the world and economically i see we're back in the 1930s. why do i see also we've got the rise of extremism and we still have, you know, why do i see obama as the chamber lane of our time. is that fair? >> two reasons. it's not flattery. you and i know each other well. you're a student of history. you know the history. number two. we're repeating the same steps, apiecement and denial. we denied for years what hitler's goal was for the jewish people and what his goals were for the people of europe. we canad denied it. he wrote a book about it in 1923 and said if i get to power, this is what i want to do.
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everybody said we don't believe it. we're in that same situation today with the leadership we have in washington. >> the anile 23450eu lation of l is potential, and the united states denies it. >> they've told us what the target is. the great satan and the little satan. tel aviv is going to be target number one for an iranian nuclear weapon. the folks in jerusalem, in bebe netanyahu's administration understand that. >> why would they even negotiate at this point a cease-fire when all that is going to happen, these cow yards, what they're doing is hiding behind mofntion and schools. they'll retreat, reload, rearm, and come back again with a bigger weapon. >> why would the israelis accommodate that? >> right. >> because they're being told very quietly by the government of the united states under the
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table that if you continue to press this, the parts chain to maintain your air force that you will need to defend your country against iran, that parts chain is going to slow down. >> doesn't there come a point of no return, though? >> yes. that's why above every public building in israel, not all of them but are the words never again. it's not a political slogan. it's because they remember what happened. >> couldn't again happen? why do i fear it could? >> well, we ought to be very concerned. we ought to be standing up to the iranians. >> i agree with you. >> instead of bashing the israelis. again, i'm not trying to beat the drum. i don't have the gift of prophecy. >> this is as close as you get. >> we got a roll. you're going to be at a book review. >> yes. you'll be there tomorrow. >> ics is:30. >> you got it. >> see you there. >> i am? >> yes. he will be there, ladies and gentlemen. >> i've got a job to do, you know. [ laughter ] coming up, an nbc news host actually tries to suggest the rockets being fired by hamas are psycpsychologically dangerous.
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four people including a baby were killed. we'll look at the obscene back lash from the left and contrary to the evidence the white house is claiming it never changed the talking points for susan rice. somebody is blatantly lying. we'll get to the bottom of that we'll get to the bottom of that and much more as "hannnnnnnnnnnn
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welcome back to hannity. the main street media continue to take their liberal position on the israeli/palestinian conflict. you won't believe it, but watch this. >> living under the threat of rocket attack is search a psych logical trauma. what would you say to those that the rogh rockets rarely do damad the response of the israelis is
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disproportionate. >> i would say to the ones who have been killed, the 150 who have been wounded, these rockets pair lies an entire ken. there is no school. people cannot go out of their houses, out of their bomb shelters. again, that's an ultimate terly intolerable situation for any country. >> tha celebrities in hollywood challenge the agenda and facing a growing back lash. for example, actor is getting bombarded on twitter because over the weekend he tweeted, quote, it's very sad that people are getting killed in the isesy hamas conflict an it's sad to hear american defend hamas. that sent the left into a tail spin with many writing back blaming the conflict on israel. he responded by writing, quote, you're right. israel started firing rockets at themselves from gaza. my mistake. joining me now to talk about what's behind this anti-israeli
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sentiment are the president of america together foundation and the news editor for welcome to both of you. good to see you. >> michael, 8,000 rockets in just the last couple of years fired from gaza by hamas, a terrorist organization, into israeli cities. 8,000. 9,000 depending on which count you use. now, you give me one good reason you've always said they need to sit down, talk peace, talk peace, talk peace. you can't talk peace with people that are firing rockets into your country, into your cities day after day. isn't it time the israelis just take out the terrorist organization? give me one reason why not. >> well, first of all, shawn, unequivocally we condemn the act of hamas not only as a muslim, we condemn what they're doing, harassing and terrorizing the civilians in israel. i urge the organization of islamic countries to join
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muslims worldwide in protesting against hamas to stop this nonsense at once. that is wrong. on the other happened, israel needs to hold back, too. you cannot have a policy that will cause more conflict. we need a cease-fire immediately and get both sides to the table to talk and find a resolution. >> michael. >> rather than killing each other. >> michael. this is coming -- egypt. this is coming on the north from lebanon. thiisrael is now surrounded andl of this is one big proxy war for iran anyway. so ultimately doesn't this mean the israelis are justified to finally take out the nuclear sites of a country that continues to threaten its very existence? >> i do agree with that. president obama has said the israelis are justified in defending themself, but shawn, defending is not the right thing to do. what is the ultimate goal, to
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find security for israel and justice for the palestinians. with that goal in mind, the actions of both hamas and israel do not contribute towards that goal, and we need to get them to sit down and talk. >> well, first of all, the way that you have a cease-fire between hamas and israel is you tell hamas to stop firing rockets into israel. we had 400 rockets fired into israel over the weekend. like you said, iran had a huge role in this and in funneling arms and weapons to hamas, and for you to ask that israel is the one who need to sit down here. israel has been more than patient with the arab spring. they've seen arab countries all around them crumbble while they sit in the middle. they've seen president obama tell the palestinians that they should be able to go back to 1967 borders and israel should give up even more land to the palestinians who, quite frankly, haven't done a whole lot to take out hamas, to prevent situations that are going on. >> they elect them. >> you know, we've mentioned the death toll with the palestinian people, but you know, that can
9:20 pm
be a lesser number if hamas wouldn't place their rocket launchers in school yards and next to mosques where civilians are being used as human shields. it's pretty simple here. israel has been more than patient. >> michael, you were wrong on the muslim brotherhood. now to nobody's surprise, egypt is coming down on hamas' side. the turkey prime minister is coming down on hamas' side. why is there all this tolerance in the muslim world for terrorism? why is this always the case? >> shawn, we need to go back. we need to have a full fledged discussion on it. i mean, what hamas is doing is wrong. >> i didn't ask about hamas. why is there tolerance in the muslim world for terrorism all the time? why is it always justified away? >> well, because they see that palestinians are being bulldozed, their rights are being taken out, their homes are being taken out unjustifiably. >> you don't fire rockets -- i'm
9:21 pm
a little behind. stay right there, we'll pick it up. >> they're both victims. >> stay right there, michael. the president himself said the white house sent susan righ suee sunday shows to discuss benghazi. why are they denying they changed the talking points on what the cia presented? our investigation continues our investigation continues tonight. so you say men are superior drivers? yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands?
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♪ in a world where ♪ there is so much to see ♪ there's still no other place ♪ that i would rather, rather ♪ rather, rather be ♪ [ male announcer ] dip into sabra hummus and discover a little taste of the world. enjoy sabra dips. adventure awaits. >> we continue with the president of america together foundation and the news editor for so i'm asking michael why whenever this happens, there's always support in the islamic world for the terrorists. why? >> you know, i'm not sure. i think it was michelle malkin who pointed out a recent poll in
9:25 pm
indonesia where one in ten said it was justified to use violence for jihad. when you look at the overall muslim population, that's all ot of people that believe in radical jihad to get their ways. we haven't seen countries like egypt, of course, because they're run by the muslim brotherhood which is an offspring of jihaddist groups. jordan is falling apart and iran who has been very clear about wanting to take israel off the map, and the fact is you can't negotiate with not only the muslim world if they're not even willing to stand up to a terrorist organization but all these countries who want to run israel into the sea. >> michael, you've been telling me over the years that i have the wrong impression. you told me that egypt would elect a moderate government. in fact, they went with the muslim brotherhood, a terrorist organization. the iranians kee keep threatenio wipe israel off the map. hamas keeps firing thousands of rockets into israel. i don't hear a lot of moderation. you keep telling me it's out there. i don't see it, and i don't hear
9:26 pm
it. why? >> shawn, just google it. muslims have condemned the action of hamas. >> who? >> continuously. >> who? >> muslims around the world. the prime minister of turkey supports it. the prime minister of egypt supports hamas. the iranians are providing the weapons for hamas. the people of egypt just voted in the muslim brother medical. i have no idea what you're talking about. >> i think what they're supporting is not hamas' action but their right to freedom, their right to have their own government. >> they're supporting their actions. that's not true. you're wrong. >> they don't support their action. terrorism is wrong. shelling rockets in israel is wrong. >> who is saying that? who in the muslim world is saying that. >> if i'm not mistaken, mikeal just said they're supporting hamas' right to exist, a terror group. are you saying that all of these countries are saying that hamas has the right to exist when it's a terrorist organization that continues to launch rockets into
9:27 pm
israel? we had an unborn child killed last week, and you know, the muslim world, maybe we can find out who is condemning us and who is not. there's a difference between vocally condemning someone and telling someone to stop, taking action to stop, having egypt come in and instead of supporting hamas in gaza, coming in and telling them to stop launching the rockets so they could have a good shot at peace. >> michael, hamas -- >> hang on, michael. they have a founding charter, hamas. their founding charter calls for the destruction of israel. >> shawn, i have read the charter. there is no such thing in the charter. i have read the charter. >> that's not true. you're wrong. >> have you read it? >> no, sir. i have read it. it is not there. >> it absolutely is there. >> yeah. >> driving israel into the sea is not the charter. >> i didn't say into the charter. their calls for the destruction of the state of israel. we put it on this program for years. >> i think it is zionism they're
9:28 pm
opposed to, not israel. if they did, why are they negotiating with israel for a two-state solutions? >> why are they firing 8,000 rockets into israel? >> shawn, i condemn that. >> you condemn that. >> so you think hamas, just so we're clear, has a right to exist? a terrorist organization? >> everybody has a right to exist. are you suggesting massacre them, holocaust them. >> i'm suggesting that they stop firing rockets into israel so israel doesn't have to retaliate. >> taking out a terrorist organization who has been launching rockets into israel for months is not genocide, sir. >> it is genocide. >> no, it's not. >> that's what you're suggesting. >> you want to talk about genocide, let's talk about who is funding hamas. that would be the president of iran, right, who actually thinks that the holocaust doesn't exist. he actually wants another genocide and misses hitler. you want to talk about who is funding hamas and a guy who believes what hitler believed?
9:29 pm
>> i'm in agreement with sean hannity and you on that, but the right for hamas to exist, they're a dempste dempster demod government. we need to find peace with them. we cannot kill them. it's just not going to happen. >> last question. we saw the hamas military leader get taken out by israel. was that a good thing? >> well, he was -- that was the right thing to do, to get the bad guy out. >> it was the right thing to do. okay, so taking out military leaders who are terrorists is a good idea. you agree with katie and i. coming up next, who changed the benghazi talking points after the cia determined this, in fact, was an act of terror. the white house is saying they did not make the amendment, so who gave susan rice the changes when she hit the sunday talk show circuit? we'll get into that.
9:30 pm
and then ... >> there's a clear, in my opinion, a clear sexism and racism that goes with these comments that are being made by unfortunately senator mccain and others. >> the new head of the congressional black caucus pulse the race card on john mccain. let me remind you, susan rice lied to you and the american people. shouldn't you be going after her? more on hannity. [ forsythe ] we don just come up here for the view up alaska. we find the best, sweetest crafor red lobster that we can find. [ male annncer ] it's time for crabfest at red lobster! this year, try 1 of 5 entrees. like our new snow crab and garlic shrimp. a half-pound of tender crab paired with savory shrimp. just 12.99. or dig into our hearty crab and roasted garlic seafood bake. all with salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits. so much to choose from, so little time. so ce into red lobster for crabfest today and sea food differently.
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>> this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack. what happened initially was a ton spainius reaction to what had just transpired in cairo. as a coons scwens of th conseque video. >> as david petraeus testified on friday, by the time that susan rice appeared on five sunday talk shows, five days after the 9/11 attack to distribute misinformation about this youtube video, hits agency had already supplied guidance to the administration clearly identifying benghazi as a terrorist attack. however, from the time that guidance went from the white house to the hands of susan rice, something had dramatically changed and references to this being the work of al-qaeda had, in fact, been scrubbed. a spokesman for the national security council is now denying that obama aides had anything to do with this, quote, aapparent
9:35 pm
edit of the chairman of the house intelligence committee disagrees and somebody said somebody inside the administration had to be responsible for altering these talking points. watch this. >> the intelligence community had it right, and they had it right early. it went to the so called deputies committee populated by appointees from the administration. that's where the narrative changed. >> the bottom line, we, you need to know who changed these talking points, and here with more on that, the author of the secrets of the fbi, chief washington correspondent for ronald kessler is back along with the former assistant secretary of defense, bing west is here with us as well. this is very frustrating to me because i feel we've been lied to. here we have this event happen, almost instantaneously petraeus knows what happened. the libyan president told us within a day what had happened. people on the ground told us what had happened. the state department watched in real-time. five days after, susan rice didn't know what happened and two weeks later the president
9:36 pm
couldn't say definitively it was a terrorist attack. is that plausible? >> shawn, there's no reason to have the argument in a way because every day the president is given a daily brief by the cia, so all one has to do in one of these intelligence committees is say well, let me see the brief that the president received on those days. it's either going to be in there or it's not. the problem when the white house doesn't want to even reveal what was in the brief, i mean, the idea i that they used mortars against us that night and somebody says it's a responsibls mob, it doesn't make sense. >> i said that from day one. i said this, ron, in the beginning so we have responsible tamptampaspontaneousevent and te mortars and rpgs and that i thee firing. spontaneously they had them in their hip pocket. that didn't make sense from the get-go. >> you don't have to be sherlock holmes to figure this out. it's clear that the cia had the
9:37 pm
correct story. its clear that the white house put out these people. they were representing the white house. the white house was calling the shots. the white house was trying to cover up the fact that there was a terrorist attack on 9/11. if you doubt that, look at what president obama said several times trying to claim that a youtube video was involved. so the president himself was covering up what the cia was reporting. >> you see there is key what you're saying here. you're saying that the president himself also had to have known. there's no way that he didn't know. >> sure. >> that means he made the conscious decision to mislead the american people. >> i wouldn't go that far because we don't know the intervening. all we should be able to do is say please just reveal the talking points that you were given, mr. president, on the first day and track it from there, so that one doesn't have to speculate. 1 can say where is it. >> why wouldn't they edit that if they edited the talking
9:38 pm
points. >> because hundreds of people would know now. that exists. that document exists somewhere, and if general petraeus, the cia director, has come out and said this is what i said, either hes not telling the truth, and i don't believe that he would not tell the truth, or that document exists. >> well, the president knew, ron, within an hour and 18 minutes. he was sitting in there with one of his generals. he was sitting in there with leon panetta, and they told him what was going on. then this whole series of events, the president goes sleep that night, he takes off to vegas. all these things happen, and this is all now through the prism of an election. does it have to be connected? >> > the cia tells the story and the white house misleads the american people just before the election, and it's just as clear cut as what's happening with the fbi investigation of general petraeus where the attorney general, eric holder, claims
9:39 pm
that the fbi never shares any information about its investigations outside of the f.b.i. that's just totally untrue. on a regular basis every week the fbi com in the form of mullr meets with the president and informs him of any sensitive investigations. also on a quarterly basis, the fbi meets with the intelligence committees, the r members, and informs them of sensitive investigations including, i know for example, three investigations of three congressmen which never actually materialized into anything, but this is a routine matter. >> is that plausible to you that eric holder knew from early summer. >> and didn't tell the president. >> and didn't tell the president? >> when you are investigating the director of the cia? >> who could be compromised? >> to me, that's not plausible, but the other thing, shawn, is that people haven't focused on
9:40 pm
is that the president said during the fire fight while the ambassador was still missing and he said that he directed the military to take all actions to save their lives. that is called an execute order. it exists on paper. it's not just something that the president says. >> that would exist. >> it has to exist. at the same time, one of the generals said i never received such a request, so again, one can simply say well, show me the written record. >> what about, ron, in the end mittlpolitically here they succl pushed this off until after the election. now i just can imagine all the truth is going to come out. it's clear with anybody with eyes to see that they were dishonest. what happens from here? >> well, that's a good question, especially on the fbi side because fbi agents are shocked that it appears that politics has entered into fbi decisions on the timing of the
9:41 pm
investigation. it just happened to end on the very day after the election, and during that time, during those months, petraeus was left in office and could have been compromised, could have been blackmailed, and so the administration was taking a risk that that might happen. that's one of the most serious aspects of this whole matter. >> guys, good to see you. thanks for being with us. coming up, what's the president's real agenda when it comes to the so-called fiscal cliff? is he really hoping for resolution. defending susan rice, the head of the congressional black caucus is labeling the ambassador's critics as racist and sexist and she's specifically calling out senator john mccain. we'll examine the latest use of the race ca card and the so-cald the race ca card and the so-cald war on [ malannouncer ] it'that time of year again. time for cii price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you really don't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price.
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no secret that susan rice is on the short list to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state which has drawn serious criticism from senator john mccain. watch this. >> susan rice should have known better and if she didn't know better, she's not qualified. she should have known better. i will do everything in my power to block her from being the united states secretary of state. >> that statement has members of the congress @black caucus up in arms and some are pulling out the race and sexist card in an intent too smear the veterans u.s. senator and decorated war hero.
9:46 pm
>> there is a clear, in my opinion, sexism and racism that goes with these comments that are being made by unfortunately senator mccain and others. there was a time when i regarded mr. mccain in particular as a gentleman. i am sad that this is not one of those moments. >> joining me now with reaction from the new york civil rights coalition, michael myers, fox news contributor deneen. >> it's almost like they're running the campaign again. >> get used to more of the sexism and race card and class warfare. that's what helped obama get reelected and how he got elected initially but listen, this is all about correc credibility and accountability of susan rice. she should have known better. she misled the american people. now those on the left are trying to make this about race when, in fact, it has nothing to do with about race. if that was you or me who did that in terms of lying and not being forth right. >> excoriated.
9:47 pm
>> you would be out the door. >> michael, i guess the fact five days later, everybody else in the country knew. how did she not know. she just went in there, thank you for my talking points. i'll regurgitate them. >> well, obviously she is a flunky for the president of the united states. did i became racist and sexist by saying that? i want to reply to that congresswoman from the contentional black choir. >> choir. >> i call it the choir. >> caucus. >> they sing the same old siren song of racism and sexism. >> choir. >> separatism. >> separatism. they sing the same old song. this woman, in my opinion it's racism and sexism. to use a rap word, ma'am, it's ludicrous. >> is that a rapper? >> ludacris. >> i'm sickened by this unrelenting seesless craven cry of racism and sexis sexism evere
9:48 pm
someone disagrees with them. >> we see that because it works. democrats use it every election cycle because it works in scaring old people. >> that's right. fear and scare tactics. you know what? the congressional black caucus should demand an investigation, who set up susan rice. >> congratulations. >> where is the outcry. >> the congressional black caucus. >> she's like the fall guy in this situation. >> the whole idea in the 21st century of congressional black caucus to me is offensive. >> why? >> they should go out of business. because they still judge people and talk about people on the basis of their skin color. why do we need a congressional black caucus in the 21st century? why do we need to have racially jerry man derred districts so blacks can elect blacks and asians can elect asians. we have lost a culture and we've lost the country. >> what did you think of joe biden? i mean, let's be honest. the least hip person in the world.
9:49 pm
watch what he says here. >> so as the president says we're not going anywhere, gov. we're not going anywhere, and you gotta home boy in the deal who -- who gets it. >> why do these politicians try to be hip. >> who is he pandering to? >> why? >> i'll tell you why. it's a failure of the human inelectric. these people cannot think beyond the identity box, the racial box, and trying to pass the blame along to somebody else. all they think about is getting reelected. >> we see this a lot. you see al gore go before predominantly african-american audiences. their cadence, their tone, everything changes. >> they're pandering. >> it's insulting. >> right. it is insulting. they should be talking about limited government and personal responsibility and economic prosperity. that's what they should be talking about. >> i mean, biden. i'll put you all back in chains. they all do this.
9:50 pm
>> he got away with it. >> the blacks and the latinos, they love it. they love when people come there and talk down to them. they love that black rap. they love that black talk. >> wait a minute. is it talking down? is it viewed that way? >> everything about them changes. everything. >> it's all about pandering and trying to get that vote, especially in the black community, and this is accepted. in fact, it should not be. >> i'll tell you what it is. >> i don't want to count you. >> the problem is it's paternalism. it's the same problem with every time a black or a woman rises to a position of accountability or responsibility, they cannot be held to the same rigorous standards they hold other people because people look at them differently. it's fraternalism. it's they who are being racist, congressional black caucus. they're racist and sexist.
9:51 pm
>> guys, good t to see you both. >> they're racist and sexist, period. i said it. the president's first line of defense for avoiding the fiscal cliff is prayer. we'll look at obama's real agenda when it comes to the december 31st fiscal doomsday deadline. does he really want a resolution? resolution? straight ahead. can i help you? i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office. and one wedding, 2 kids, 43 bottles of olay total effects many birthdays later, still looks amazing. thanks to the trusted performance of olay.
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that was president obama during a stop in bangkok yesterday. while the anointed one has time to talk about drastic tax hikes and spending cuts, one cannot help wonder does the president want a budget deal or is it okay for america to fall off the so-called fiscal cliff. after all, he hasn't exactly hidden his desire to raise taxes. guys, good to see you. what do you think. is there a deal in the works, and is it likely because republicans caved? >> i think he's going to dig his heels in on this. he will not budge. he talked about class warfare. he feels he has malibu date to do this. he's basically said look, i'm willing to compromise as long as you guys have to compromise everything you believe in and i get to stand firm. >> it becomes you do what i want first and we'll discuss the
9:56 pm
rest. >> he's labeled republicans as obstructionist. if you look at the way it's going, the narrative is working. when people are asked, they blame republicans for the standstill. the g.o.p. has not owned the narrative. >> the g.o.p. is in hiding. you don't hear much from them on this except some pundits who say they should cave, what's the big deal, the tea party won't care. i disagree. >> what kills me about this is it makes absolutely no economic sense at all. if you really stop and think about it, we owe 17 and a half trillion dollars. raising taxes on the rich, over 250,000, will bring in a half of one percent of what we owe. we have to put this in perspective. people have to understand that it makes no sense at all what the president is saying and what he's doing. >> it's not about the money. it's not about the money. >> of course not. >> it's about a political argument. he wanted to pit americans against each other. he wants to paint himself as an ally of the middle class. in order to make that argument makes sense, he has to continue
9:57 pm
in the direction. >> this acto argument is obviouy appealing. war on women tactics, all these, it's like a never-ending campaign by the democrats. so they're at this point where they'll say i'm only raising it on the top 2% and those mis miserable republicans are holding the middle class hostage. i can do obama's language. >> in a way, he's lying to everybody in the country by not being clear on how the economics work. i don't even know if he knows how the economics work. >> why aren't the republicans pushing back and telling people i never got a job from a poor person everle life? i worked for a lot of people. started out as a newspaper carrier and then a dishwasher and did every job in restaurants and in construction. never got hired by a poor person. >> no. >> it will not work. i mean, i hire people all the time, and i'm hiring people for less money because of all the regulations and how the business climate is. i mean, think about this for a
9:58 pm
moment. if you're a football team and you're up 100-0 and team comes in and scores a half a point and see them cheering and racing around, that's what this analogy is. that's how little money will be brought in. >> why aren't republicans communicating why it's in people's best interest? >> they're not. they have the argument about the rich. they've allowed barack obama to paint this as millionaires and billionaires. we're talking about $250,000. you're talking about a family that could potentially be living in new york city where it will cost them $50,000 to pay their rent alone who has to put kids through college. these are not donald trump. these are small business owners filing as individuals. the republican party need to start owning the messaging. >> politicians are the greediest of all. they spend too much money. they spend the lock box for social security. they bankrupt the company. they bankrupt medicare. they accumulate power. in the process, how come nobody ever focuses on how corrupt they
9:59 pm
are and how selfish they are? >> it's the narrative. people accept what is easiest to understand. we used to read a paragraph of the story. now we read the headlin and accept it as though it's the gospel. we have to do a better job. my industry needs to do a better job of communicating the message. >> how bad is it going to get? >> i think it's going to get real bad. >> how bad. >> even if we don't go over the fiscal cliff, we're going into the recession because nothing on the horizon looks good. america needs to get ready for a slow economy to a weak economy. >> for how long will this last. >> at least four years because we're stuck with these anti-business policies. >> you really think we're not getting out of this for four years. >> what's going to happen to get us out of it? >> i don't know. do we become greece after that. >> i don't think we get to greetgreece, but this country we in trouble if we follow the policies obama has in place. >> if they cared about debt reduction, they would be talking about entitlement reform. they won't be talking about bringing $80 billion by taxing th
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